Dan (danlo)
Round 1! Fight! Street Fighter aficionado Dan here. I main Laura and Seth in SFV, Charge Blade and Insect Glaive in MH, and I’m a huge fan of all Capcom games! Find me here on the Unity Blog or on @DML897 on Twitter!
Digae, pessoal! Aqui é o Dennys, amante dos jogos Capcom e seus personagens carismáticos! Dante e Strider Hiryu são dois dos meus favoritos. E os seus? Conta pra gente no nosso blog Brasil e fique por dentro das novidades em português brasileiro! Twitter @captrancas.
Kellen Haney (capkel)
Welcome to the Capcom Anything Agency! I’m your go-to source for information on rebellious robots, sinister residents, and of course, over-the-top legal cases and the occasional magic show. I’ve got you covered on news for…
Socks (socks)
Yuri Araujo (dubindoh)
Well met! I'm your resident monster hunter, SSStylish demon hunter and average-height Arisen. I "main" all weapon types in MH but have a soft spot for Sword & Shield, Lance, Charge Blade; and love Nero's Red Queen in DMC. @dubindoh on Twitter. Here to bring you news on...